Our congresses, which were postponed during the pandemic process, were replaced by Burkon.Online web page, as well as online congresses and webinars. In this process, Burkon Tourism, which has been serving with many online congresses, has supported many organizations such as the Ministry of Health, Green Crescent, TPD Association, Psychopharmacology Association with technical moderation and infrastructure services.

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17. Uludağ Nöroloji Günleri
03-03-2022 / 06-03-2022
Karinna Otel - Uludağ
İstanbul Akupunktur ve Tamamlayıcı Tıp Derneği Online Kongresi
11-12-2021 / 12-07-2021
3. Uluslararası Zootekni Bilim Kongresi
27-11-2021 / 28-07-2021
21. Ulusal Uyku Tıbbı Kongresi
03-11-2021 / 07-11-2021
Pine Beach Otel - Antalya
13. Ulusal Pediatrik Hematoloji Kongresi
14-10-2021 / 17-10-2021
Pine Beach Otel - Antalya’
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